For the fifth consecutive year BRILIANTIN participates in the most prestigious summer fashion forum Summer Fashion Weekend - Marina Dinevi St. Vlas.


BRILIANTIN  has a leader role in the event , because the brilliance and beauty of Sherri Hill dresses, leave everyone who touches them breathless. Among the most luxurious yach port in Bulgariq, accompaniment and perfect organization by the hosts , a unique atmosphere is created, which causes a furore of beautiful emotions among the many VIP visitors.


BRILIANTIN is an official representative  for East Part of Bulgaria of the global fashion brand Sherri Hill - an emblem of high style and class. Top Designer SHERRI HILL put everything beautiful in one - elegant design and line.


The host of the event had opted for a SHERRI HILL dress for both the opening and the grand finale of the fashion forum.

Hundreds of VIP guests enjoyed the event of Summer Fashion Weekend 2023. The evening was opened with Daniela Nedelcheva, organizer for Dinevi Group and Maria Boneva, event producer and co-owner of Code Fashion TV. The two bussuness ladies addressed the partners, guests and designers and thanked them for their trust these 5 years .

Guests again enjoyed the latest Mercedes-Benz cars from Silver Star and the latest smartphones from Samsung Bulgaria. Fashion Street was once again packed with Marina and event guests to buy exclusive models from the brands and designers. Classy drinks, lots of music and cheer closed the biggest fashion event of the summer.


CODE LIFE magazine had prepared an attractive photo booth in the style of Barbie and fashion street gathered hundreds of holidaymakers in Sveti Vlas and guests of the event, who can shop designer models from the brands participating in the event today.


The camera of Code Fashion TV met on the red carpet Dinko and Yordan Dinevi, Silvia Taneva, Milena Sharkova and Lachezar Petrov, Adv. Bilyana Toncheva came in the company of over 20 business ladies, Nina Nicole and many VIP celebrities and foreign guests.


BRILIANTIN presented the most fashionable trends from Sherri Hill's collection, a fashion jewel that has seamlessly woven exquisite fabrics, a play of colours and colours in a configuration with crystals, sequins and pearls. With its unceasing creativity, BRILIANTIN constantly loads the most exquisite dresses from each collection to satisfy the most discerning tastes. A beautiful American fashion presence with an ethereal and exquisite feel, recreating beauty in its highest dimension, is permanently present in Burgas, thanks to BRILIANTIN.

Photo: Ivan Yordanov
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