Ina and Angel Whatever I say will not be enough!
First of all, here I found a great person with whom I talked about everything, in whose company I was always more than happy, who endured all my pre-wedding excitement, mood, grumbling, broom riding and what not - Sylvia!
Evelina and Alexander On behalf of our whole family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for turning Evelina and Alexander's celebration into magic. Thank you for listening with the utmost attention to all our questions and requirements and with precision and professionalism you have fulfilled even the smallest detail. Grebenski Family A wonderful team !!! All of them! The moment you step into the wedding center, your heart would not let you out. And rightly so! The best choice one can make. We are extremely pleased and grateful, because thanks to the whole team, everything was perfect, down to the smallest detail. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Denitsa and Georgi Atanasovi I want to thank with all my heart all those who made our dream a reality. On the first place we want to thank our parents and friends who were by our side that day. Dimitrov Family I can't help but share my great gratitude to the Briliantin wedding agency, the radiant Sylvia, Tony and Milena, without whom this holiday would not have happened. Sonya Georgieva I am happy to share the happiness of a dream come true - our wedding celebration!

Preparations began in December 2014, and thanks to the Briliantin Wedding Agency everything was organized very quickly.
We thank the whole team for everything Thank you to the whole team for everything you did for our unforgettable wedding :) I want to thank you for the wonderful baby party I want to thank you for the wonderful baby :) party !!! Thank You Thank you for making our day even more beautiful! Dear briliantines... Dear Briliantines ... thank you very much for the miracles you performed on our fabulous day!

Special thanks to Ms. Antoaneta Stamatova, who endured all our whims, emotions and desires ...
Briliantin Wedding Agency helped us realize our wedding Briliantin Wedding Agency helped us realize our wedding, just as we have always dreamed of .. :)
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