Blitz interview Silvia Taneva  in GRAZIA magazine

Blitz interview Silvia Taneva in GRAZIA magazine


In the new issue of GRAZIA magazine, a blitz interview with Silvia Taneva from BRILIANTIN .
In her interview , Sиlvia shares about SHERRI HILL and how the brand catches the attention of the Bulgarian modern and successful young lady .
Here we reveal the full interview with Silvia Taneva:
If there is one person who has repeatedly seen what the happiest day looks like for a couple in love, it is Silvia. What's more - she is behind its organization together with her team from BRILIANTIN . Over the last 16 the years, they have begun to expand their portfolio not only from the type of event to make come true for others, but also from services to satisfy all the wishes of their clients. Just like the fabulous showroom in Burgas, where they offer incredible variety of bridal  and cocktail dresses. Why Silvia chooses to present Sherri Hill's outfits, what are the trends this season, and what is the best part of the job, she tells us in the midst of this wedding season.

• You set up your wedding agency BRILIANTIN 16 years ago, and you organise many other events. But where is the key to staying in this business for so long, especially after the last three extremely turbulent years?
Persistence and perseverance are perhaps the main qualities that are integral to the development of the company. Of course, the team we have been moving forward with for all these 16 years is one of the most valuable things BRILIANTIN can offer its customers. I have always said that this is my second family, with which we go forward together, adapting to the dynamics of the times, trying to offer a big variety of services that meet a standard, namely, precise organization, exceptional competence and high professionalism - qualities that have long been the agency's calling card.

• What is the best part of your job?
BRILIANTIN's main focus is the satisfaction of a job well done, and this is achieved with hard work, experience and attention to detail!

• And the most challenging?
The palette of challenges I have encountered on my way forward is rich, but surely the most important lesson I have brilliantly learned is to never give up, because the desire, love, diligence and perseverance we all put into the BRILIANTIN team remains highly appreciated by our clients.

• Is there a certain trend in weddings right now?
The preparation of an event is strictly individual and depends on the specific preferences of our clients as well as the specifics of the event. When we prepare a wedding party, the communication is extremely intensive and usually lasts about 6 months, and when the bride and groom are not from the country, the remote communication very often lasts more than a year before the wedding date. One of the brightest trends for the 2023 wedding season is bold and unique color palettes. More and more couples are opting for bold and memorable combinations that reflect their individuality. Colors, to the greatest extent, define the overall look of a wedding. The bright shades contribute to the good mood of the guests, and the feeling with which they will remember the wedding day. Traditional bright and neutral colors are nice, but contrasting combinations are very more memorable.

• A few years ago, however, you expanded the range of services by becoming the official representative of the brand Sherri Hill for East Bulgaria and creating a showroom where ladies can choose their dream dress without having to go around dozens of magazines?
BRILIANTIN's newest project, which we have added to the company's many services in organizing a range of events, is an exclusive representation of international companies - the Catalan giant of PRONOVIAS and the American brand Sherri Hill. In my work I have one basic principle and that is not to compromise on quality. In our search for the dress of our dreams, we have often commented on different brands with our clients, and PRONOVIAS and Sherri Hill embody everything that today's modern and fashionable young lady is looking for.

• Why did you choose Sherri Hill? What makes the brand catch attention?
Sherri Hill is an American designer, born in the American town of Sherri Branum. From the age of eight she joined her parents' family business with a small family shop selling fabrics and clothes. The colourfulness of the fabrics attracted her attention at an early age and this set her on the path to fashion. As a fashion design student at the University of Oklahoma, she focused her attention on womenswear, specifically evening and formal dresses and began designing her own line. In 2011, she made her star-studded catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez , Eva Longoria, Miranda Lambert, Ariana Grande, Ryan Newman and many more have paraded her designs on the red carpet for various events. Sherri Hill has  top designer and undisputed leader in the fashion world. It is no coincidence that my team and I have commented that it is not necessary to travel to America to to have a Sherri Hill dress because her designs have been available at BRILIANTIN for last 9 years. The wide range of models available satisfies the most capricious taste of every lady in the choice of a dress for a formal event.

• What can ladies see in the brand's new collection? What are the highlights?
Sherri Hill models are made of spectacular silk lace and fine fabrics, which makes them extremely vital and delicate. The presence of sequins, pearls and crystals adds to the Hollywood glamour. The models in the new collection range from the innocent and flirty youthful line typical of prom girls to the strict formality and elegance of the mature lady. The color palette is saturated, but apart from the pastel shades, it is not forgotten and the classics - black, gold and red. Beautifully shaped necklines, delicate sleeves, bare backs, exceptional ornamentation details and modern silhouettes stand out in all three main lines.

• What are the formalwear trends for summer 2023?
The fashion trends in Sherri Hill's new 2023 collection are varied and inevitably feature the delicate appeal sculpting the beautiful shapes of the figure. As always, there are delicate, spectacular necklines combined with slits, complemented by lace, feathers and sequins. The models have beautiful drapes that give divine volumes, creating a feeling of royal grandeur, and last but not least the fashion colours of the year - fuchsia and magenta. Using the latest fashion trends, Sherri Hill's dresses are stylish, beautiful and practical at the same time. A fashion jewel, weaving exquisite fabrics, a play of colours and colours in a combination of with crystals, sequins, pearls and feathers. Sherri Hill. This is not just a brand, but an symbol of high style and class.

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