Summer Fashion Weekend 2022

Summer Fashion Weekend 2022


For the fourth consecutive year Briliantin took part in the most prestigious summer fashion forum Summer Fashion Weekend - Marina Dinevi St. Vlas. Miss Bulgaria Teodora Mudeva opened Briliantin's fashion show. The beautiful dresses of SHERRI HILL were presented by the top models of Ivet Fashion.


During the 4th edition of the most glamorous fashion event of the summer, Summer Fashion Weekend brought together the best of Bulgarian and international fashion in one place. It is no coincidence that Briliantin is present, because the glamour and beauty of the presented SHERRI HILL models leave everyone who touches them breathless. Amidst the sea splash of waves, seagulls, gulls, with gentle musical accompaniment and perfect organization by the hosts, a unique atmosphere is created that causes a furore of beautiful emotions among the many visitors.


Briliantine is a representative of the global fashion brand SHERRI HILL - an emblem of high style and class. Top Designer SHERRI HILL embodies everything beautiful in one - elegant design and line. SHERRI HILL's exclusive collections of dresses embody the fashion lifestyle of today's fashionable women. Each dress is designed to sculpt the beautiful female form with fashion-forward style and wearable comfort.


Using the most fashionable trends in each of their collections, SHERRI HILL dresses are always proven to be stylish, beautiful and practical at the same time. A fashion jewel that has seamlessly woven exquisite fabrics, a play of colours and colours in configuration with Swarovski crystals, sequins and pearls. Briliantine's endless creativity is constantly charging the most exquisite dresses from each collection to satisfy the most discerning tastes.Among the elegant guests of Summer Fashion Weekend 2022 we saw Elena Cristiano in the company of Maria Elena Infantino, Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, the actress Sanya Borisova, Daniela Nedelcheva with an extremely elegant SHERRI HILL look, Mika Stoichkov, Yordana Dimitrova, Daniela Collins in a SHERRI HILL dress, Miss Bulgaria Teodora Mudeva, Miss Burgas Verzhinya Ivanova in a SHERRI HILL dress , Elena Karakoleva and the host of Discovering Fashion on Code Fashion TV Pepa Popova-Kuneva and many others.

A beautifully fashionable American presence with an ethereal and exquisite feel, recreating beauty in its highest dimension, is permanently present in Burgas, thanks to Briliantin.

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