Graduates from prestigious high schools in Burgas found their dream prom dress in "Briliantin"

Graduates from prestigious high schools in Burgas found their dream prom dress in "Briliantin"

Magdalena Sgurova (middle), Aljara Makhmudova (right) and other of their classmates will shine in the exquisite outfits from the new collection of the American fashion brand Sherri Hill, exclusively presented in the boutique "Brilliantin"

The boutique continues to stock more and more exquisite gowns to best satisfy the twelfth graders who have yet to make their choice

In the midst of preparations for the upcoming prom, the fitting rooms of the famous boutiques in Burgas are full. A team of visited one of them to feel the atmosphere and check their watches for the latest trends in formal wear. For seventeen years, "Briliantin" has been taking care of the refined style of young ladies graduating from secondary school.

Traditionally, the graduates of the "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov", English Language School AEG "Geo Milev", German Language School "Goethe" and other schools in the city are among the most stylish girls parading in the Sea Garden of Burgas on May 24. Today in "Briliantin" we discovered that they often trust Silvia Taneva, the owner of the boutique and founder of the eponymous agency, when choosing their official outfit for this long-awaited day.

At the same time as our team, Aljara Mahmudova from 12 A class of "Akad" Junior High School arrived for a dress fitting at the store, located in "Lazur" complex on the ground floor in  103. Magdalena Sgurova from 12 B class of the German Language School.

We will disclose here that the two beauties from the video actually tried out for many more roles, but BRILIANTIN kept their final choice a secret to make their appearance memorable on the day of the prom. That's good news for those of you who also liked the featured models - they're free to try on. If necessary, each dress is shaped and adjusted by the expert team at BRILIANTIN to the figure of the lady who chooses to wear it.

The new prom dress collection is now available in the boutique. Showcasing the latest fashion trends for 2024, the dresses on offer from "BRILIANTIN" are once again stylish, beautiful and practical at the same time.

"A wide colour palette in the new collection of global fashion brand Sherri Hill is available with us. The prices and the variety of dresses are extremely affordable," opens the curtain Silvia Taneva.

"With its inherent creativity, BRILIANTIN continues to stock more and more exquisite gowns from the new Sherri Hill 2024 collection to best satisfy graduates who have not yet made their choice," added the boutique owner.

The prom dresses offered by "BRILIANTIN" are an emblem of style and class. Sherri Hill's new collection combines all the beautiful accents in one. All the dresses are elegantly designed and give a dazzling style appeal to every woman wearing them.


"The fashions in Sherri Hill's new 2024 prom dress collection are diverse and inevitably sculpt beautiful figure shapes. As always there are the delicate, spectacular necklines combined with slits trimmed with lace, feathers, glitter and sequins. In the new collection, the models have beautiful drapes, which give an additional effect to the line and divine volumes, creating the feeling of royal majesty," adds Silvia Taneva.


Each gown is a fashion jewel that has woven exquisite fabrics, a play of colours and colours in configuration with Swarovski crystals, sequins and pearls.

The gowns in Sherri Hill's prom collection are made of spectacular silk laces and fine fabrics that make them extremely vital and delicate. The presence of satin, sequins, pearls and crystals adds to the Hollywood glamour and sophistication.


From the innocent and flirty youthful line typical for prom girls, to the strict formality and elegance for a ball, the models offered in the new Sherri Hill collection vary. The palette of colours is rich, both in the pastel shades of each colour and the classics - black, gold and red - have not been forgotten.

Beautifully shaped necklines, delicate sleeves, bare backs, exceptional ornamentation detail and modern silhouettes from the three main lines.


A subtle American breeze with the ethereal and delicate feeling of a woman recreating beauty in its highest dimension is permanently present in Burgas, thanks to BRILIANTIN.

You can see all the models in the boutique, located in the Lazur complex on the ground level 103. Keep up to date with the latest trends on the official BRILIANTIN Facebook page HERE, and at .

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