BRILIANTIN on the cover of the magazine "BRIDE"

BRILIANTIN on the cover of the magazine "BRIDE"


Miss Bulgaria Universe, Valerie Stefanova shines in a BRILIANTIN dress on the cover of "BRIDE" magazine

In the new issue of the magazine you will find a blitz interview with Silvia Taneva, owner of BRILIANTIN. Read also about the latest trends in decoration for the 2023 season, and to finish BRILIANTIN will present an exclusive photo shoot with the winner of the TV show "The Bachelorette" - Valeria with BRILIANTIN models.

Here we also present a part of the interview of Silvia Taneva sharing the journey of BRILIANTIN and the last 16 years:

1. Silvia Taneva, what are the latest trends in wedding dresses?
The phenomenal Pronovias designers do not betray their style to be innovative, creative and unique in the beauty they create. The BRILIANTIN models offered for 2023 will again feature the fabrics of angelic fine silk tulle, Chantly lace that makes the dresses divine, royal satin, crepe, ethereal chiffon, Micado silk and more. Majestic-looking combinations of multiple laces hand-mounted on tulle like a delicate cascade of bouquets recreate an amazing floral play of dancing motifs. The delicate presence of sequins, pearls and Swarovski crystals will add to the feeling of royal grandeur on the extraordinary day. The innovative technique of lace on flesh coloured tulle is used again , the aim being to create the feeling of a floral white tat on the skin.  The main colours are "off white" and "ivory" as well as the flesh or "nude colour". The delicate reference borrowing elements of fashion from the past, the timeless and timeless to today's fashion trends is too avant-garde.Lines will range from the classic, timeless princess for girls who want to shine majestically on their wedding day, through the sophisticated, elegant and smoothly flowing A-line to the incredibly sexy mermaid. Bare shoulders, beautifully shaped necklines as such and with tulle , lace and crystals, delicate lace sleeves and exquisitely shaped backs are some of the elements of the stunningly beautiful models.

2. What do you think the bride will look like this wedding season 2023?
Every woman dreams of seeing herself dressed in a bridal gown. Wedding is that special and memorable moment in life when everything revolves around the bride. Even though we live in a global pandemic where bans, restrictions and safety measures accompany our lives, still, nothing should mar this day and SHE should feel like a true princess It would be nice to tailor the wedding look to both the bride's individual preferences and the venue, and of course the season in which the wedding will take place. Usually, most weddings are done in the warmer months and the trend for the 2023 season is for most to be outdoors, given the peace and safety of those attending.  In a casual wedding ceremony, without formalities, in a close family circle with friends, then the dress should also be tailored to this. A simple pattern in a clean line is appropriate, as is a casualness about length and colour. When a church ritual is planned, it is necessary to avoid very short and flared dresses that are not appropriate for the temple. There are wonderful 2-in-1 designs that can conform to the canon for the wedding and a sexy, flirty look for the fun part of the celebration. For the classic wedding, be it nautical, garden, around a pool, or entirely in a restaurant, then your choices can be unlimited on fabrics, lines - "A line", "Mermaid" , or "Princess". There is not as much dynamism in bridal fashion as there is in everyday fashion. The most important thing is that the bride is gorgeous in her own eyes, and BRILIANTIN's job is to offer the best! 

3. Your favourite style in fashion?
- Gentle and romantic "princess"

4.  What is the biggest mistake a bride should not make on her wedding day?
  I have always been of the opinion that a wedding is a moment, so the most important thing is for the bride to enjoy her celebration , sharing the emotion with the closest and most loved people around her.

5. The most enjoyable and most difficult part of your job?
The most enjoyable part of my job is the satisfaction of a job well done, seeing the bride happy.  Undoubtedly the most difficult part is the preparation of a wedding reception, but with the many years of experience of the consultants at BRILIANTIN, we always strive to make sure that the bride-to-be experiences everything she dreams of in a comfortable and inviting environment that meets the world-renowned requirements of a great showroom.


6. Your dreams related to business?

BRILIANTIN was established in 2007. The spectrum of services is extremely wide and includes activities related to consultation, complete organization and decoration of wedding celebrations, corporate parties, catering, business dinners, balls, cocktail parties and children's parties.
Many of BRILIANTIN's clients are from within the country, or those from abroad.
In 2014, BRILIANTIN's newest project was launched - the Official Eastern Representative Office for San Patrick & White One & Nicole Bridal Gowns By Pronovias.
Since 2017, BRILIANTIN has expanded its range of services and offers its customers both Sherri Hill's formal dresses and bridesmaid dresses for small and large, jewelry, and wedding rings .
The main aspiration of BRILIANTIN is the satisfaction of a job well done, and this is achieved with perfect organization, exceptional competence and high professionalism -qualities that have long been the calling card of BRILIANTIN What I wish for the future is to continue, together with my wonderful team, to make the dreams of all who trust BRILIANTIN come true.

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