In these unprecedented and difficult times of global economic crisis and war, many brides-to-be are wondering whether it makes sense to have a big wedding ceremony, and in case they are organizing a small celebration in a small circle, whether it is worth investing in an expensive bridal dress at all. There is no denying the fact that the insecurity and social distancing in the world will remain indefinitely. Yet the bridal gown remains the most important in any wedding.

We should not forget that a wedding is a symbol of marriage, which in turn gives hope and stability - values we need not only now, but always. Briliantin, as the exclusive representative of White One & St. Patrick by Pronovias, is undoubtedly the place where every bride will be fascinated not only by the wide variety of bridal gowns of the 2023 collection, but also by the uniquely beautiful models, and it is there that you will make your best choice. For more than half a century, Pronovias has been making every princess-to-be's wildest dreams come true. The new Chief Artistic Officer Alessandra Rinaudo of the Catalan giant does not betray the style of always being avant-garde, innovative, creative and unique in the beauty they create.


Briliantin's team with proven professionalism offers the best of the bridal gown collection available in store, and the price range is unparalleled nationwide. In support of the proof that the bridal dress is chosen six months before the wedding day, not a few girls have already boldly made their choice for the upcoming season 2023 trusting and buying their dress from Briliantin. With a lot of trepidation and excitement is associated with the choice of dress, because the bride not only has to look good but also feel special, inspired, unique and satisfied with her vision. To look in the mirror and feel unconcealed satisfaction with the image in it is an indication that the best choice has been made, because being elegant and beautiful does not mean to be eye-catching, it means to stay in the memory....


The Briliantin designs on offer for 2023 once again feature fabrics of angelic fine silk tulle, Chantly lace that makes dresses divine, royal satin, crepe, sheer chiffon, Micado silk and more. The heavenly inspiration for the new collection is drawn from the harmony of nature and the desire to be close to it, and how much we need that in today's times.

The fluidity of desert dunes and ocean waves are metaphorically woven into fabrics and lines that make for a sophisticated version of the increasingly popular Boho look. The fabrics recreate angel sleeves, soft swinging skirts with beautiful voluminous drapes, delicate frills and subtle draping that play across the body in a casual and totally feminine way.


motivesThe majestic looking combinations of several laces hand-mounted on tulle as a delicate floral cascade of beautiful flowers recreate a kind of amazing play of dancing motives. The delicate presence of sequins, pearls and Swarovski crystals add to the feeling of royal grandeur on the extraordinary day. The innovative technique- lace on flesh coloured tulle is used again , the aim being to create the feeling of a floral white tattoo on the skin. The main colours are "off white" and "ivory" as well as the flesh or "nude colour".


Too avant-garde in the new collection is the delicate reference borrowing elements of fashion from the past, the timeless and timeless to today's fashion trends. The lines range from the classic, timeless princess for girls who want to shine majestically on their wedding day, through the sophisticated, elegant and flowing A-line to the incredibly mermaid. Bare shoulders, beautifully shaped necklines as such and with tulle, lace and crystals, delicate, airy lace sleeves and exquisitely shaped backs are some of the elements of the incredibly beautiful models.


Trends in wedding dresses in 2023 are extremely important, and in Briliantin the bride will be pampered in this aspect of her choice and with a lot of attention , care and competence will easily make her choice.

The trials are being transformed into a positive potential driver for the beautiful and unforgettable events in the coming 2023, such as weddings. Briliantin, with its professionalism and cheerful mood towards every bride-to-be, appears as a kind of ally with every girl's dream to be the most beautiful and unique on her day.
Don't stop the flight of your dreams and get inspired future princesses.

Briliantin is waiting for you!
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