What is prom really all about? Is it just an occasion to get dressed up or is there something more significant? The latter is surely true as your prom comes at the end of an era. You and your friends have been through school and the growing up that comes with it together. Now you’re going to celebrate the end of this era of your life, and the start of a new and exciting journey towards adulthood.
In many ways prom is a chance to let your hair down after the arduous exam season. It’s a fun night – you may or may not have a theme – and one that is enjoyed by boys and girls equally. Whether or not you have a date is not the big problem: that is what you’re going to wear! How do you find your perfect dream dress? You may have an idea in mind or there may be a style that you are comfortable with, but there is still a lot of thinking to do. Here are some tips that should help you find the dress you have been dreaming of.
Know Your Size and Shape.

You will know what size you are and that’s an important factor, but do you have an idea of your body shape? For example, are you a pear in which your hips are broader than your shoulders? Or perhaps an apple, where the curves are all in the right places with a less-defined waist? Maybe you have the classic hourglass body with perfect proportions – but you’re a rare example if you do! There are types of dress that suit each body type so it’s worth having fun with your friends and finding out which you are, then you’ll know the type of dress to avoid!
Settle on a Style You Like

Always remember that the prom is to be enjoyed. It’s not a competition and you should be yourself. This is why we recommend you decide on a style of dress you like early in the searching process and stick with it. You might want to go with the mermaid style if you are the shape for it, or perhaps something simple like a pretty A-line dress? It’s up to you, but as there’s a lot to think about in finding the dream dress knowing a style to look for narrows your search.
Get Advice from Friends

Ask your friends what they’re wearing and what they recommend to you. But don’t feel you have to match them or take the advice they give. It’s simply a way of getting some ideas. Of course, your best friends may be different shapes and sizes to you, and that’s to be expected, but they are still a source of inspiration. It’s a great chance to get together and plan how you are going to enjoy your prom too!
Make Sure You’re Not Showing Too Much!

This is an important but common-sense piece of advice. Wear a revealing dress by all means, wear a short skirt if you wish, but make sure you reveal only so much. There is a level of decency and behaviour expected at your prom and you don’t want to be the girl attracting the wrong kind of looks. The sexiest and sultriest look is the one that suggests but does not confirm! Stay on the side of decency and you’ll be the classiest girl at the prom.
Enjoy Your Prom
Lastly, enjoy your prom. You’re not there to be better than anyone else but to have a great night with your friends, classmates and – should have one – your date. It’s an occasion that will be added to your memories of this stage of your life, so settle back, relax and have fun, and most of all look and feel a million dollars in your dream prom dress.

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