With great inspiration, we from the team of Brilliant Wedding Agency have compiled our forecasts for which trends will be popular next year and what innovations are recommended in the choice of color themes and styles!

What is observed for the upcoming wedding season is the desire of the newlyweds to individuality and uniqueness in every aspect of decoration, so today we will reveal a small part of the trends for the 2022 season, in the decoration and overall theme of a wedding party:

Weddings inspired by Bridgerton - the fashion of aristocrats

For those of you who haven't seen the Netflix record, Bridgerton follows the story of Daphne Bridgerton, an elite member of the family who seeks love as she navigates the competitive marriage market in Regency London. And as if the plot based on the wedding is not enough, the show is filled with inspiration from historic architecture and canopied ceilings to spectacular ballrooms decorated in lavish white colors.

This is where the cottagecore style enters - shabby chic design trend, like a fairy tale centered around the ideal pastoral life of English architecture. Imagine wedding venues with gorgeous, scattered ballrooms paired with whimsical, romantic flowers and decor that speaks to the heavenly atmosphere of the cottagecore.

The hottest wedding trend in 2022 combines the dramatic atmosphere of Bridgerton with the romance and whimsy of the aesthetics of "cottagecore"

Outdoor wedding - garden wedding

The situation on a global scale made us look at nature and feel it as our home in a very unique way. More and more newlyweds prefer to have their wedding outdoors - and the only way we can deal with the test of isolation and mandatory distance today.

For such outdoor themes, tent weddings will prove to be a wedding trend for 2022.

Rich decoration of flowers and greenery and flickering lights, which are an integral part of a wedding event, will transport the newlyweds and their guests to the world of romantic atmosphere.

Emerald and gold

We see green everywhere and we expect the trend to be very relevant for the 2022 season.

Because emerald and gold are such elegant colors, they make a beautiful combination when combined. This color scheme is easy to achieve with gold vases and candlesticks, combined with lots of greenery and flowers. Emerald bridesmaids will be a great contrast to a white wedding dress, and the color suits every skin tone and hair color. Another great way to turn this emerald and gold wedding palette into your day is to change the utensils and dining equipment with gold - this slight change will look really impactful on your guests.

Golden tones

Gold is one of the most traditional shades, but after years in the background the color is revived. Laura Maddox, owner of Magnolia Celebrates in Atlanta, Georgia, sees tons everywhere. She says: "Gold is 100% right now. Gold chairs, gold utensils and plates, gold invitations and gold accents in general in the overall decoration of the wedding party."

The shade is combined with any style of wedding, whether you love classic touches or modern style and has a great chance to be the most beautiful addition to your color palette.

Just think of the possibilities! Golden wedding cakes, golden cutlery, golden bridesmaid dresses - it's true, golden details fit into any wedding style.

"Vintage style

The constant tradition of "something old" is gaining new life. As a result, bringing in a one-of-a-kind table or vintage bar cart from the 1920s allows couples to celebrate the unprecedented times we live in in a way that seems personal and authentic.

As we long for a brighter existence without COVID, we cannot help but feel nostalgic for the good old days.

If you want to have a mirror ball on the dance floor of your wedding, maybe the metal trend is for you! Ideal for those who are interested in "vintage" style and think about the theme and colors of the 20s. Choosing a metal be it gold, silver, copper or platinum is a great way to add a little sparkle to your wedding and can be done with small, subtle touches, including metal chairs, glossy candlesticks and many accessories. Our recommendation is to take into account the choice and color of metals and combine up to two combinations.

Earthy and natural, nature-inspired palettes

The Hayford & Rhodes team predicts that natural palettes will be a trend in 2022, combining perfectly with more earthy tones.

The colors are more earthy, more neutral, with light accents of bright tones, reminiscent of exotic destinations. Sophisticated perception of the more traditional pastel palettes, combined with mixed tones of soft pink with coffee, caramel and silk ivory, gives the holiday a specific atmosphere and warmth.

Pampas grass (Cortaderiaselloana) will once again stand out as a trend in decoration. It will be an integral part of the upcoming wedding season, giving the holiday a specific BOHO atmosphere and warmth.

The romantic blue

It can not only create a beautiful, sea and romantic atmosphere, but also offers the perfect opportunity for the bride to include her "something blue". As royal blue and sapphire seem to be less and less popular among brides and grooms, lighter blue tones such as periwinkle, light blue and French blue seem to be gaining popularity and will be used in wedding decorations for 2022.

The classic blue is perceived as a color of serenity. It is for this reason that the color is extremely suitable for the main color of weddings.

Those of you who dream of a wedding on the beach, this will definitely be the most suitable color for your decoration!

Warm and soft tones in light blue and powder

Light blue and powder color are really relaxing color palette, providing a romantic and soothing effect. The combination of these two colors together will give a bright and open feeling to your wedding, which will be perfect for spring and summer! Make sure you get the right color balance when choosing light blue and powder as wedding colors. This color scheme would be ideal if you want your space to stand out and your decorations to complement what is already there.

Gentle shades of purple

Purple is a common choice for weddings and can easily be achieved with beautiful flowers. The combination of this color with lilac softens the color scheme and allows you to make the most of the color palette of shades.

Purple wedding ideas attracted our interest as color regained its place as a major player. This rich, romantic shade is versatile enough to work for any season or wedding style.

Pink and red

Deep red and light pink have appeared in the world of fashion in the last year, so it was no surprise when this perfect combination began to appear at many wedding events. Working in a wonderful combination, red and pink are the two colors that are truly associated with "love" and will bring true romance to your wedding style. Think pink peonies for flower bouquets, red bean details for table setting, pink and red bridesmaid dresses and red velvet cake for guests.

Many newlyweds strive to make their wedding day different and memorable, which is why the added nuances on the wedding day are becoming more and more different.

Looking through the eyes of 2022, the wedding season is going to be very attractive and diverse.

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